Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Management Leader
“To grow a company’s future requires designing its CV beforehand; detailed planning is imperative.” Michael Modena is a qualified manager in the commercial entertainment industry with 20 years experience in Radio, Film, TV, Ad Agency, Digital media and Events.

Mr. Modena holds an Honours degree from Pretoria University, and the Management Advancement Programme from Wits Business School. He started his career as a talented performer before progressing into campaign design for radio, commercials and other media. Following a successful run of media productions he matured into management of production. Mr. Modena produces at several advertising, and production facilities, one of the last, with a budget of R6m, for the Coca Cola Football Stars youth program, as Line Producer with Mindspace Entertainment, a BEE company that produces high end entertainment material for local and international markets.

In ’94 Mr. Modena found himself managing the Beckett’s Trek team for 5 successful seasons, and in Feb '98, he registered his own company, Modena Film & Video Projects c.c. to produce marketing-entertainment strategy material within the advertising, corporate & broadcast media; with budgets that range up to +R2m. His marketing successes in the Corporate & Government sectors, include clients like Eskom, Privest, Microsoft, Mustek, Felicia Mabusa-Suttle, Beckett’s Trek, Dark & Lovely, Old Mutual Jazz, loveLife Groundbreakers & World Aids Day Special, UNICEF, ABB Engineering, Flexi Club, the Vision Corporation, Jupiter Drawing Room, Elmwood Media and more recently, Coca- Cola, to name but a few.

His leadership and management capabilities give him an edge in managing cast, staff and crew, sales & marketing, communications, business, general management, advertising creative’s and broadcast media production practice. He also provides corporate communications consultation in presentations & negotiations skills training to amongst others, Microsoft & ABB Engineering. These seminars sharpen the executives’ skill enabling them to express their intentions with clarity, dominance and confidence. He is known to express himself with clarity when initiating his management projects.

1989-1992: Production Manager.
MAP diploma ­ WBS
1993–1997: Production Manager. Increased revenue: R 1, 5 m.
Increase profit: 15%.
New quoting & invoicing system.
Decreased inefficiency: 23%.
1998–2008: Freelance Manager
Increased client base value: R0.25m.
Max personnel managed: 300.
Max Budget: R6M.
Manage Film & TV productions. Sales & Marketing - Elmwood Media.
“Friends Like These” AR’s increased +10%

In addition to being a competent director and fulfilling various management functions for TV and features, he also produces commercial marketing communications video material, from concept to delivery for stock exchange launches, as well as consumer, sales & marketing strategies and commercials. Aimed at boards of directors, clients, customers and shareholders, these projects, form an important part of management’s communication and marketing strategy for selling their ideas and products.

Mr. Modena experience includes research, writing and sales of concepts to the client. He produces the business-communications media, or digital, film & video material, from strategy, to script, to final printed, packaged product. A go getter, keen to stay ahead, he is excited by the confluence of digital, IT, graphics, and cinematic technology in the visual commercial media industry.

Mr. Modena appreciates a positive attitude and since he hates working under pressure, he is a meticulous planner; thus he meets tight deadlines in time, whilst functioning with, and motivating a variety of personalities and temperaments. In the boardroom he is a wiz. Mr. Modena prides himself on being an African. His interests include creative responsibility for business development and marketing strategy, communications media planning, procurement and control of human resources, planning and organization of video, film, print and events production, adhering strictly to budgets and to financial control.

He ensures the slick direction and management of the production processes by adding cost effective, intelligent value to his clients' communication, advertising, broadcast, consumer & marketing campaigns.
Any plans for the future? Currently Mr. Modena is honing his:
· Business Skills.
· Studies in Business Administration.
· Additional revenue streams.
· Experienced & Qualified.
· Accounting management.
· Marketing experience.
· Self-motivated.
· Creative, lateral thinker.

Yet to keep ahead of himself, his optimistic ambitions are still to:
· Develop efficient styles of leadership,
· Contribute to the ‘extra mile’,
· Improve financial growth.
· Build on investment.
How will he do all these? “My future depends on having a sober attitude to my life, to people and to money” he says, sitting in the sunlight overlooking the shaded expanse of Parkview golf course. Mr. Modena is the picture of calm ambition.

Gazing not too far into the future, Mr. Modena is heading to be the CEO to a private company. Importantly, this shows his tenacity as a professional and his optimism in the future. Indications are that when he does take that leadership role, he will be astute, popular and responsible. Many of his policies and decisions may not be appreciated, though sometimes grudgingly, will be acknowledged as being for the greater good; though his succinct retort is: ‘If you want something done properly, ask someone who is busy.’n

1. Ms. Cuz Lindsay – 082 900 8657
2. Mr. S. Shaw - 082 451 3467
3. Ms. Thandeka Zwane - 084 803 3139

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